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Are you ready to swim, bike and run and have an amazing triathlon? Get our 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Program now!

In just 12 weeks, you can reach your goal, beat your time, or conquer your fear of doing a triathlon!

When we signed up for our first triathlons, we became quickly discouraged by the lack of inspiring, fun, motivating and creative training plans out there. Signing up for our first triathlon took enough courage to begin with and we didn’t want a training plan that would be intimidating or cause us even more anxiety.

Our approach to training for a triathlon is that if it’s not fun, you’re not going to do it. We also think that training alone can get boring and become very discouraging. Since nothing is worse than feeling like you’re the only one facing a challenge or to not have anyone to cheer you on, we decided to create this 12 week sprint triathlon training program just for you. It is gaurenteed to make you feel included as well as to provide you with many ways to have FUN while training for your triathlon.

 The sport of triathlon has enhanced our lives in SO many ways, and as a result, we are passionate about helping YOU enhance your own life by realizing that you are awesome, you have what it takes, and you CAN do a triathlon!

We hope that this triathlon training plan will help you reach your goals and get motivated to achieve more then you ever thought possible. We offer a fun, fresh and energetic perspective on training for a triathlon, and we leave all of the intimidating advice, unrealistic suggestions, hard to follow training plans and confusing ideas in the dust.

Before we get into the details of the training plan, come meet your coaches:

Triathlon Personal TrainerDavey is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and has helped TONS of people reach their fitness goals.He loves coming up with new stretches and exercises to help keep your workouts interesting, fun and effective.

Triathlon Personal TrainerJess is an ER nurse and has gained a lot of valuable knowledge about triathlon training through her own research, interviews and most of all, her own experience doing triathlons. She has tons of great tips and tricks on doing a triathlon on a budget, choosing what to wear, how to do your hair and what to do if you have to pee during your race.

Triathlon Personal Trainer Mental EdgeDoug is an Ironman triathlete and life coach who will focus on the mental aspect of your training. He has a gained ton of amazing insight over his many years coaching people to reach their fullest potential in life and has some awesome strategies and tips to help you overcome any mental challenges that come up in your training.

We would like to welcome you to the amazing sport of triathlon! We’re so excited you came to this site and we can’t wait to join you on this incredible journey!

Our goal is to continue to offer more affordable triathlon training products, as well as a ton of free tips and tricks on our blog, TwoTri.com. We are dedicated toward helping you reach your goals in a fun, non-intimidating way. We provide you with your own “virtual personal trainer” so that you don’t feel alone as you train for their triathlon.


We’re with you from start to finish– and beyond! Our goal is to help you finish your race with a smile on your face!

Our training program is broken down week by week into bite size segments that will help you focus and reach your goals without getting overwhelmed. Each week, you’ll get a swimming, biking and running video along with your weekly workouts. Think of it as having your own personal trainer for a fraction of the price!

Having a personal trainer or a coach takes all the guesswork and confusion out of triathlon training and provides accountability, motivation, and encouragement. You’ll soon realize that you look forward to your workouts instead of getting bored of doing the same thing over and over.

You’ll reach your goals and notice results sooner by having a knowledgeable personal trainer who will introduce new and innovative exercises into your workouts that will challenge your body and mind more effectively.

In addition, a personal trainer can also save you a lot of time because you won’t have to go searching for new workouts on your own or waste any extra energy worrying if what you’re doing is helping you or hurting you.

We love swimming, biking, running and strength training, but most of all, we love staying fit TOGETHER. And that’s what we hope that you will gain from our training program: a sense of community. There’s nothing better than being part of a team, feeling accepted regardless of your fitness level and having your own “virtual personal trainer” to encourage, challenge and inspire you to reach your goal of doing a triathlon!  We hope that we can inspire you to do more than you ever thought possible!

Here’s What Is Included In Your 12 Week Triathlon Training Plan
  • Unlimited access to the members only area
  • 12 weeks worth of swimming, biking and running instructional videos
  • Triathlon specific stretching and strength training routines taught by Trainer Davey
  • Transition tips and race day advice
  • Solutions to some challenges you may encounter
  • A weekly printable PDF that summarizes each week and outlines your workouts
  • A printable race day checklist
  • The ability to contact your trainers with any questions and concerns you may have
  • A weekly life-coaching session with Coach Doug
  • Two different workout options: Finisher and Personal Best

Are you ready? Start training for your triathlon now!

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